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ATEK helps our clients grow and protect their wealth by leveraging our experience, expertise and innovations to provide solid advice to our clients about wealth creation and asset protection.


ATEK accounting solutions in Adelaide has a strategic partnership with Pacific Eastcoast.  Get great property investment advice from the experience and experts at Pacific Eastcoast.

Property Investment in Adelaide and Around Australia

When examining property investment there are several structures to consider to achieve the best possible investment structure now and in respect to future considerations.  At ATEK we not only assist in the creation of the best possible structure for you, we also identify properties and businesses where strategic investment can mean your property investment becomes a solid asset.

We are experts in helping our clients legally reduce their tax bill and gain investment advantage.

ATEK provides strategic support, structural establishment that offers a solid foundation for your wealth accrual plan.  When investing in property we help you establish who should buy the property allowing for the maximum tax benefit in consideration of a number of factors we establish with you.

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Property Investment Advice